Friday, 2 December 2011

A Bloggy Advent Calendar.

One link for each day until Christmas, for your viewing, doing and reading pleasure. 

Now that my Christmas Tree is up, I'm really in the mood to be jolly.

December First

December Second Put some colour in your life this summer...

December Third 

December Fourth

December Fifth

December Sixth

December Seventh

December Eighth

December Ninth

December Tenth

December Eleventh

December Twelfth  An interesting take on an amazing song... look up the album version too!  This band is up for a Grammy in Feb.

December Thirteenth

December Fourteenth

December Fifteenth  How cute are these?

December Sixteenth

December Seventeenth

December Eighteenth Courtesy of Simon.

December Nineteenth  (This is because I told Shane I needed a few more links.  Funny guy...)

December Twentieth

December Twenty-first

December Twenty-second

December Twenty-third

December Twenty-fourth

December Twenty-fifth

BONUS:  December Twenty-six

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