Thursday, 8 December 2011

Location, location, location.

Today, I was reading on my lunch break in the back room at my job.  The back room is also a jeweller's workshop.  One of our jewellers was singing.  The other one was sawing or grinding something (whatever it was, it was noisy). 

My 3IC manager came in.  She said to me "How can you read out here?"

I shrugged, and said "I can read anywhere."

It's true.  I can.

Where do you like to read?  Some of my favourite places are: In the bath, on the lollabout on the balcony, up a tree, in my bed, under a shady tree at uni (so long as there are no birds above me that might poop on my head), and in my boyfriend's room while he plays Call of Duty.  Seriously, if you can read while your boy plays Call of Duty, you can probably read on a construction site, at a rocket launch or during lazer tag.


  1. I couldn't read in the bath, I'd be scared of dropping the book into the water!

    And kudos at being able to read in such noisy surroundings - I need silence otherwise I end up reading the same sentence over and over again!

  2. I thought I would do that too, but I haven't yet. And my books are nowhere near as water warped as my friend Kait's. Perhaps I will do a post on how to read in the bath without killing your books... hahaha that sounds lame but I could make it work...

  3. I can read absolutely anywhere too! I just tune out of everything else going on.
    My favourite reading places are in bed or on a blanket in the backyard.
    Also, please do a Reading in Wet Places for Beginners post, I am terrified of getting my books wet and wrinkly!


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