Monday, 2 January 2012

Perth: A Scavenger Hunt

Today, one of my dear dear friends is leaving on her Paris adventure.  We gathered at her place this afternoon to wish her well, and ended up making her a list of 25 things to do and see in Europe, awarding points for each activity.

C then asked, "If I am getting points, who am I competing against?"

Thus, the Perth version of The List was born.

1. Ride the Ferris Wheel on the Esplanade in Fremantle.  (6)

2. Get your eyebrows threaded. (4)

3. Eat at Chez Pierre. (100)

4. Paint your fingernails as the French flag. (2)

5. Road trip. (2 points per destination)

6. 'Chuck a shrimp on the barbie.' (2) If you EAT said shrimp, 20 points.

7. Say G'day to someone. (2)  Say G'day mate. (4)

8. Have drinks at: Ezra Pound, 1907, The Aviary (5 each)

9. Read a book in a cafe. (1)

10. Go to the cinema wearing red lipstick. (2) If it is a foreign film, 4 points.

11. Window shop at: Gucci (4) Louis Vuitton (2) Burberry (6) If you buy something, double points.

12. Have breakfast 'at' Tiffanys.  (4) To clarify, buy breakfast foods and eat outside Tiffanys, or sneak food in if you can.  Bonus 2 points for eating inside.

13. Go to a gig. (6)

14. Spot a celebrity. (100) Autograph (200)  Picture (300)

15. Leave smiley faces/ inspiring messages on post its in 10 bathrooms. (1 point per post it)

16. Dress in vintage florals to go to the night markets. (4)

17. Have someone else order their favourite dish for you in a restaurant (and do the same for them.) (4)

18. Go to a burlesque show. (20)  Specifically, this was D's idea!!! :P

19. Win a game of Monopoly. (10)

20. Pat a kangaroo or cuddle a wombat at Caversham Wildlife Park. (6)

21. Go to the races. (4)  In a fascinator. (10)  Triple your points if you bet on a horse that wins.

22. Go to a sporting event. (10)

23. Go to a ballet or an opera. (20)

24. Go wine and cheese tasting in the Swan Valley. (5 plus a point per item tasted.)

25. Make a wish in the fountain at the Bell Tower for something that you really, really want.  (10)  100 points if your wish comes true!!!

D., M., and I, (and J., when she gets back from Japan) will complete this list together over the course of 2012.  C. will complete her list over the next sixth month, while she is on exchange at university in Lille.  Her list can be found here.

Chelsea, I will miss you very very much, and I hope that you have an amazing time.  See you at Chez Pierre in June!!!

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