Monday, 30 January 2012

A Review: Shiro Cosmetics

When someone does you a good turn, you should do them one right back.  And so, even though I never really do make up reviews on here (although I have been known to participate in the odd guest post over at Jade Goes with Everything) I am going to show you some of Shiro's fantastic items.

I found Shiro through the aforementioned blog.  It is run independently by Caitlin Johnstone and her tiny team of helpers (the team is tiny, not the helpers themselves) out of the States.  I placed my order at the beginning of December, hoping that my items would arrive before Christmas, but sadly, they were caught up in the whole Australia Post kerfuffle and didn't arrive until the New Year.  No matter.  They actually happened to arrive on a day that I sorely needed a pick me up!  Caitlin was also extremely obliging, especially when it came to sorting out a stress-coma-inducing problem with my bank.  (NOTE:  If you're ordering from the Shiro site, PayPal is your friend!)  I'm talking replying to emails first thing in the morning.

I ordered a full set of Kawaii shadows, which are pastel powders with a light shimmer to them in Blue (Desu), Green (Bonzai), Purple (Lolita), Pink (Kawaii) and Yellow (Yatta).  All the colours are fantastic pastel opaques, perfect for day or night wear depending on how heavy and what with.  As a girl with hazel eyes, I especially love Bonzai and Lolita.  Caitlin very kindly threw in samples of Perfect World, which is Gold Coloured and a great colour for wearing to work, and Shoes for Orphans which was far too dark for my pale skin and kind of just looked like I'd put some dirt on my face... oh well, can't win them all.

I also ordered a selection of Intertubes... originally these were to go in Christmas stockings but they didn't arrive in time, so I got to keep them all... oh what a shame... :P

Left to Right: Over 9000, Longcat, Leroy Jenkins, Nyan Cat, Shoop da Woop and Team Buffy.
Team Buffy I gave to a friend and she loved it, the rest I've worn on various occasions and had varying responses to them.  They're great because they have a moisturising ingredient in them, and the colour lasts for AGES.  You pretty much have to take it off to get rid of it.  I wear Nyan cat all the time because it's just the right pink to go with everything.  Over 9000 is my favourite party shade at the moment because it is almost a burgundy pink.  I wore Shoop da Woop to work to go with a red sale (woo woo, what a harlot) and Leroy Jenkins is my at home fun times shade at the moment... I'm not quite brave enough to wear purple lipstick out and about.  Longcat is a great lazy day lippe because its sparkly but clear.  It also goes OVER things great.

Over all I was very very happy with my order, and would gladly make another one.  To have a browse through Shiro's other great products and maybe make an order of your own, go to

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