Perth Writers Festival 2012

(It's probably just me, but whenever I write "Writers Festival", I always feel I should be writing "Writers' Festival."  I mean, the rule for placement of apostrophes is "Whose item is it?  Place the apostrophe after the answer."  So e.g. Who owns the shoes?  The boy.  They are the boy's shoes.  Who is the festival for?  The Writers.  So it is the Writers' Festival.  But apparently not.  Must remember that.)


Sleepy little (lovely little) Perth had its socks rocked this weekend by the arrival of the literati.  They swept in from their garrets, wearing capes, rose coloured glasses with circular lenses and carrying bongo drums.  Okay, so perhaps they were a bit more... normally... dressed, but Frank Moorhouse DID have red suspenders. 

A must-visit event for writers and readers alike, the festival promised (among other things) fiction writers, journalists, chefs/cooks, historians and general smarty-pantses.  This year, I showed dedication to my craft, and took the Saturday off work to go.  I was accompanied by the charming Miss Jade Carver, of Jade Goes with Everything fame.

This kind of event always makes me feel like a serious writer.  It makes me want to write, it helps me approach my projects in new ways, and it makes me humble.  There is nothing stranger than going to an event where a packed audience all wants the same thing as you.  What is it about me that makes me special?  I found myself thinking.  What makes me think I deserve it more than any of these people?  

After all, I can't take a photo without sticking my thumb in it...

The sessions that we took in were Tom Hungerford and his Literary Legacy, Reimagining the Future, Location, Location, Location and Writing and Ethics.  I ended the day with a reading by my favourite author, Craig Silvey.

A big plus this year was the West Australian newspaper tent, with comfy deckchairs and wicker seating.  I felt like a character from A Passage to India, sans the Gin and Tonic.  Plus, there were cross words.

I barely had to use Goodreads to finish this...
My favourite sessions of the day were the ones that really got me thinking about Honours.  Reimagining the Future was the biggest surrpise of the day, giving this HISTORICAL fiction writer perspective on how to write about the past.  Location, Location, Location was wonderful, though I couldn't see a thing, and what I learned will be invaluable to me when writing settings.  And a big kudos to Craig for being brave and sharing a bit of his new novel.  I am so excited that he's writing about the 1920s!

Were you at the writers festival?  Did you have an awesome time?  What really got your brain cogs turning?

One day, I hope to be on the stage, rather than just watching it...


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