Monday, 11 June 2012

Things I've Googled Lately #1

Writers Google some weird stuff.  Get over it.

I still don't know how I feel about the term Google becoming a verb, but I use it so I won't be a hypocrite and start railing about how we bastardise the English language daily.

Here's what I've been searching for on the web this month:

* Wondering how to wear those brown knee high boots you just bought?  Wendy shows you how.  (And how endearing is she??? I love it when she kicks her leg up at the end to give you a better view of her shoes.  I think I could probably manage my own version of each of those outfits.  Fashion bloggers out there, what would YOU pair with brown boots?)

* Here is a recipe for delicious (and grown up) Red Velvet Cupcakes.  Yum.

* Cassandra Clare and I have this in common.  What do you think?  New desktop background???

*  Recently I got a second job in a book shop (yaaaay) which means I can now wear fantastic stuff like this to work.  I said to myself earlier today, "Now I can be like the cute hipster chick who works in a bookstore..."  Then corrected it to "I AM that girl.  Positive thinking.  I think I will  get a Wuthering Heights and a Lolita.  What would you get?  (Keep in mind that for every shirt you buy, a book is purchased for an otherwise bookless community in Africa!  Spread the love.)

*  My all time favourite Blog

What have you been searching for?

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