Monday, 30 July 2012

Diary of an Honours Student, Week One (Second Semester Edition!)

Semester Two has come too soon.  A fortnight ago when I realised that some of my friends who go to Curtin University had already gone back, I couldn't believe it.  Weren't they only on holidays for only three weeks or something?!  Murdoch, on the other hand, has been out of session since May.  That's two months of me being left to my own devices.  (You too if you're a Murdoch student.)

Let's take a moment to appreciate that a lot can happen in two months.  I know personally that I've changed, grown etc.  And now it's time to get down to business, and finish my thesis.

I know that this kind of business time and the kind of business time I mean are separate, but Flight of the Concords make me laugh, and what I'm about to follow up with isn't so funny.

My honours thesis is due on Friday the 9th of November, 2012. And I'm not 100% sure what its central question is at the moment!

That, however is my concern and I am just going to have to knuckle down and figure it out.  The process of refocussing begins with a commitment to discipline: I intend to spend at least two days a week working on campus this semester.  I began this pledge today, when I went in at around 9.30 and astonishingly found myself a functional computer.

If you've ever tried to get a computer in the Murdoch library, you'll know that it's nigh on impossible.  Any and all of the free computers will either be a) broken, b) actually 'reserved' for someone who's gone to the loo and thinks that leaving their bag with their valuables and their assignment up on the screen as security is a good idea or c) not actually connected to a CPU.  The occupied computers will be being used by a few serious students writing scarily bulky amounts of text and about twenty to fifty undergrads who are using their between-class time to catch up on their Facebooking.  God forbid their friend Kate (everyone's got a friend Kate, you know it's true) should update her status without them knowing about it.

Today was no different, but being week one, the common filled up a lot less quickly.  Good thing too, as I took a slight detour to the shops this morning for spot cream!  After some trial and error, I found myself at a functioning machine and managed to do an hour and a half's worth of work.  (The morning's amusement was provided by the string of first years who tried to use the dead machine diagonal from mine, each discovering the same thing: that the machine was a husk.  I eventually took pity on one girl and gave her my machine when I left.)  My conclusions?  Connecting to the University's internet can be a pain in the ass for the uninitiated such as moi but all in all, it's better to bring a laptop.

Seriously, folks, do a good deed for the day.  If you're using a computer in a library, don't procrastinate.  You're not just doing yourself a favour.  Get your work done, finish in a timely manner, and let someone else have a go.  University computers are not just Facebook machines.  That's what your phone is for!

That's pretty much all I have to say in this post, other than I hope that you are all doing well in your studies or whatever adventure you're taking.  I'll be back with more book reviews and make up stuff soon!


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