Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Literature and Lipstick: An Introduction

So I know that this blog is supposed to be all about me and my writing journey... (it actually feels a little weird to even be sitting here and writing this post)... but I think that one of the ways I can improve as a writer is to write about everything and anything, all the while exploring new areas of life and things I enjoy so that I actually, you know, have fodder for my books.  One thing that I have really gotten into in the last twelve months is make up and beauty products.

I largely think I should blame this fabulous girl here, Jade Carver, who happens to be a friend of mine.  (I say blame, but really that implies that she's hooked me on something negative which is not true.  Jade's mantra in life seems to be about celebrating colour and uniqueness in beauty rather than becoming skinny minny blondey booby fembots.  I should say I owe my inspiration and guidance to.  Sappy, hey?)

Another blogger who has really caught my interest over the last month is the lovely Essie Button.  I love watching her videos.  When I grow up, if I can't be Bernard Black then I might settle for being her.

Last night, it occurred to me in that half-awake place that I spend a lot of time playing with beauty products, I take a lot of care in selecting said products, and as a result I own a fair few more than the average bear, although nowhere near as much as Essie and Jade seem to own.  I then fell asleep and had a dream about shopping at The Body Shop and buying everything that my little heart desired for about $500 (yeowch!) including a tea leaf diffuser with a duck on top.  And those exist, I assure you, although why my brain thought they sold them at The Body Shop, I am not sure.  At first I wrote off the idea of being a beauty blogger.  I had my reasons.

1) I am a book blogger.
2) I am not a make up expert.
3) I might not be any good at it.
4) It's not very original.

But even after thinking through all those things I still wanted to give it a try and so here I am!  (And after all, I don't have to put myself purely into the book blogging pigeon hole, we are all lots of different things at different times; I may not be a make up expert but I am a consumer and I know what I like; I will never know if I am any good at it if I don't try; and if any blog is 100% original these days I will eat my metaphorical hat.)

So, like I said, here I am.  Hello.  Pleasant seeing you again.


  1. Agree with you, all blogs don't have to be about make up or fashion, especially not if they're well written. Your writing is great so no doubt you'll be OK . :)


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