Friday, 13 July 2012

Literature and Lipstick: July

Hello hello, and welcome to my little foray into the world of beauty blogging.  (For an explanation of why I am trying this, see my previous post.)

Clockwise from left: Body Butter in Strawberry, Aloe Cleansing Toner for Sensitive Skin, Lily Cole Puff On Radiance, Warming Mineral Mask, Spa Wisdom African Ximenia and Salt Scrub, Almond Nail and Cuticle Oil, Tea Tree Concealer, Tea Tree Blemish Gel

I don't think I would be the only person out there willing to profess my undying love for The Body Shop.  For one, they have some great stuff.  Two, it's all cruelty and nasty free.  And three?  The staff there are lovely.  I always end up feeling as if I've made a friend and got great advice all in one.  It's no wonder that lately I've been spending a large chunk of my pay on Body Shop products.  See above!  (And there's more since then!)

Some of the products can be a little on the pricey side and this can be a deterrent for some buyers.  The benefits, however, outweigh the cost for me.  I find it worth doing a little budget shuffle every now and then.

My favourite products in the above selection have to be the Body Scrub and the Radiance Powder.  I got the Body Scrub a while back now as a solution for lumps and bumps associated with shaving.  Simply massage it onto dry skin and then rinse off in the bath or shower to enjoy your silky smooth skin.    This is a great sometimes treat, although with the cold weather here in Perth it can be hard not to just get into the shower and skip the scrub.  As for the Radiance Powder, I got it on Monday.  I simply could not resist the cute, apple-like container and the adorable pink pom-pom.

This is my first make-up purchase from The Body Shop, unless you count the concealer which I don't.  At first, it seemed like a bit of a nothing purchase.  Not quite body glitter and not quite blush, the powder goes on the cheek bones (and according to the sales girl, in the cupid's bow above your lips) to add a boost of shiny loveliness to your complexion.  Err, okay, but why not just use body glitter or blush?  Well.  The Radiance Powder is a lot more subtle than either of those things and can be used as a base for a full face of make up, or on top of mineral foundation or powder for a lazy, pretty day.  I even wore JUST the powder to my yoga class on Wednesday just because I was feeling a tad blah.  The beads come in three different colours and can be crushed individually to use as eyeshadow as well.  Unfortunately the powder is so subtle, I can't even show you in a photograph.  Oh well.  This powder has definitely made the list of my winter must-haves.

Other products I am loving this July include:

* Carmex- The cold weather has really done a number on my lips, but Carmex helps fend off that ugly, itchy 'third lip' which appears with too much licking.

* Cherry Nivea Lip Balm-  Cold lips lose their colour, and this is the answer.  Plus it smells delicious!

* Coloured nail polish in pinks, purples and reds

* White Glo toothpaste in the Coffee and Tea drinker's formula (Have noticed a difference in teeth colouring... have also noticed that the thicker beads in the paste have a tendency to clog the drain in my bathroom unless I wash everything down IMMEDIATELY.  Good value for money too, as each package comes with good quality toothbrush.)

* Moroccanoil (That seems like it is spelt so incredibly wrong...)  My hair is really thin and quite straight but I've recently realised that it needs a bit more attention in winter than in summer and the oil keeps the ends manageable.

Well, my little porcupines, that's all from me for this month!  Next month I will have some empty products to review for you, as  I am beginning to collect them for you all.  There will be some more favourites and another feature.  (So if there is anything else you'd like to see on the blog, let me know in the comments.)  For now, back to the writing and reading!  Don't forget to check out COMET from this Sunday, a new issue starts then.

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  1. I'm going to be checking out the body shop makeup section a little closer next time I'm there.

    The powdered beads are interesting and so many uses, sounds worth forking over a little more on top of being 'cruelty and nasty free.'

    How big is the container?

    Also, food for thought (for next lituerature and lipstick)
    I can never find the right brand lipstick. I hate accidentally wiping off my lipstick only for it not only to wipe off but to smudge. Any tips on that? :)

    Great first beauty blog entry Elimy! xx


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