Sunday, 12 August 2012

Diary of An Honours Student, Week Two

Everywhere, students making goals.  Or in some cases, perhaps not. It must have seemed like such a good idea, this blackboard, but give young adults chalk and a space to write and inevitably someone's going to make a dirty joke.  I keep wondering, what would my answer to this question be?  I don't know...

Before I graduate I want to have written a thesis and a story that I am proud of, and that I love.

Still doing my Yoga.  Standing poses this week, my body was soooooore after.

Kait and I headed to Jean Pierre Sancho (okay so some of these are from Week One...) and had tasty treats for lunch to celebrate the beginning of a new semester.  This tart was superb!

The view from the Heath Ledger Theatre, before a performance of Signs of Life. My mother is quite taken with photographing pretty views lately!

Delicious, delicious strawberries.  I feel better when I eat healthy snacks while I study!

But then again, sometimes you have to take your brother to school and you end up at work an hour early... and only a nice stack of hot cakes will do!  The coffee was rubbish though!

A bath bomb aesthetic that was inspired by Essie Button.

Manicure by Monique at Lisa Corrie Hair and Beauty.

After a heartbreaking day...  morning still came...

And if you were wondering, yes my thesis is going well!

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  1. That person TOTALLY stole my idea! I WANT to be Batman!


    'It's always darkest before the dawn', comes to mind when I look at the morning and cloud shots you've posted. And that in turn makes me think of Florence and the Machine song "Shake it Out." One of my "I don't feel good, so I'll feel awesome!" songs.

    I should really make you listen to Florence and the Machine (if you haven't already). They use that line religiously in their music and they make me feel like singing (which, is, well unheard of! literally!)

    Love you to bits Elimy and your blog too xx


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