Friday, 7 September 2012

Diary of an Honours Student Week Five and Six

First of all... oh my gosh, week six is over.

Spring has sprung, but wouldn't it be better for all of us students if it hadn't?  The sun has come out, and I have begun to frolic like a little lamb far too often for my own liking.  The end is in sight and yet it's far too easy to just assume future-Emily will worry about that nasty thesis thing.  (And Future Emily, right before she becomes Past Emily, frequently does worry, except then she goes and makes herself endless cups of tea and all is well, except of course the thesis!)  The beginning of this week was actually remarkable UN Springlike however, with a mini cyclone style storm ripping through and preventing me from doing my laundry, and seeing as I spent so much time on the left side of my bed watching television under a blanket, perhaps it would be unfair to blame the weather!

When we last left off, I'd submitted a full second draft of my short story to one of my supervisors. Today, I must do the same with the completed first draft of the theory side of my work.  In the process of writing it, I've discovered that I actually have a more full grasp of what I am talking about, and the number of AHA! moments is comforting.  I am still, however, woefully under the word count in this portion and dismally over in the fiction!  Alas, I am giving away where my loyalties are a bit there, aren't I!  But, I printed the beast off and secured it all in order with a bull dog clip, and doesn't it look just lovely!

It's all aboard the hard work train from here though! (And apparently the terrible metaphor carriage is the only one with seats left...)  I am envisioning myself getting First Class Honours, being offered a job at a major publishing house (Oh, Ms Rambling Elimy, here's a great idea, why don't you have this job in our newly set up Perth Office??? Don't mind if I do!) and being congratulated by... oh I don't know, perhaps Channing Tatum?  Sounds excellent.


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