Diary of an Honours Student: The Final Entry

Hello readers,

I know that some of you may have just skim read the updates that I have been posting about the progression of my thesis over the past year.  And that's fine.  The purpose of these near-weekly updates has been to check in with myself mentally; to record what happens to me; and to hopefully inspire just one person to attempt what I have attempted this year.

I am not going to lie and say that this year has been all sunshine and puppy dogs.  But I will say this.  Studying honours is an extremely worthwhile pursuit, and an excellent way to learn about yourself.  I do not mean in a purely academic sense.  Of course you learn your own limitations; for example I have learned that I am capable of being a serious writer who works with research and deadlines, but that academic work is not my cup of tea.  You will learn about your interests, including cultivating some new ones.  But you will also learn that you are strong and capable.  That whatever the world throws at you, you can take it, and you can thrive despite it.

The reason that I am writing this post is today I handed in my final thesis.  And now begins the wait for my marks.  Hopefully those will be somewhat rewarding.  In the meantime...

Finishing, coming out the other side of the tunnel, being this new person, stronger, smarter and more me than ever...

That is the best reward I could have gotten.

That, and a few drinkies this Friday.  :)

Wishing you well,



  1. Congratulations (Again) on finishing your thesis darling! Proud of you, you did it and now it's time to party and have fuuun! xx

  2. Ooooh, exciting! I hope your marks will be good!

  3. Thank you both! I hope so too, Sabrina. xo


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