Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Diary of an Honours Student: God Only Knows What Week It Is!

Today, I went on campus to attend my weekly yoga class, and I had a horrible feeling that the university campus was no longer my campus.

The end is in sight.  Now that October the first has been and gone, November the first is less than a month away in any sense of the word month, whether it be a matter of four weeks, or a matter of flipping the page in your calendar.  Less than a month from now, I will be binding two copies of the colossal research paper known as my thesis, handing them in, and then going out to celebrate.

I can see this happening, too.  I'm stressed, but focussed.  Every morning I get up and I just want to get to it.  I know that I have to polish my concluding chapter, rewrite the short story chapter based on notes from my creative writing supervisor, write a commentary that ties the story to the thesis.  There are also a tonne of books by West Australian authors sitting on my desk waiting for me to review them for you all, but you're just going to have to keep your trousers on in regard to that!

Finishing seems so real that I have started to plan for things to do when it's over:

* Read books
* Wear pretty clothes
* Go to gigs
* Go to Melbourne
* Go to Paris
* Get a real job

How's your end of year workload treating you?  What are your plans?

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