Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Diary of an Honours Student: Three Weeks To Go

Dear Me-Three Weeks From Now


I hope you know how significant what you have achieved this year has been.  You don't have your results yet, and they may well be disappointing but right now, I want you to sit down and take a few deep breaths.  There are things for you to consider, so don't think about the future and don't think about the past.  Think about this moment.

This year you wrote a major research assignment, largely on your own.  Your supervisors supervised.  Your friends were there for moral support and epic bitch sessions.  Your mother was there for the brunt of the emotional breakdowns.  But no one opened those books for you, no one wrote the words that were on that final copy that you handed in, and no one lovingly (misguidedly?) picked the topic that you felt so strongly about but you.  You are awesome and possibility rushes towards you.

I'll keep this letter brief.  I have things to do.  I am becoming you!  I am working hard on your thesis so that you might exist, you carefree, happy thing.  I hope that you are doing all the things you planned.  I hope you read as many books a day as you wish.  I hope you've gotten your nails done, been to the beach.  I hope you had a cocktail for me.  Your life has felt like it was falling apart a few times this year, but you've held it together.  You always deserve to be proud of what you accomplished.

Lots of love from,


(Location:  The desk, surrounded by papers and empty tea-mugs
Status:  Editing.
Hair:  Messy)

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