Subiaco Library Event with Annabel Smith

Tonight, I had the pleasure of seeing Annabel Smith talk about her novel Whisky, Charlie, Foxtrot for the second time this year.  Last time was at the Perth Writer's Festival.  The event was held at the Subiaco Public library, a beautiful venue which is fortunate enough to be home to not one but TWO Shaun Tan murals.  (Wow...)

This evening was particularly special to me because Annabel very kindly put in a good word for me with the event's organiser, and I was asked to take part in the library's emerging writers program, and to read a short example of my own work before Annabel did her author talk.  As I told all my friends, I was effectively opening for Annabel Smith, which made me feel like a rockstar.

I read from my short story "Pretending" which won the 2011 KSP Short Fiction award for the Under 20's category.  I intend to publish the full version on this blog tomorrow, once I have removed the spelling errors that I found when I was reading aloud.  (Oops.)

I just wanted to issue a huge thank you to Annabel Smith and Alex Sare, as well as the team at the Subiaco Library and all the patrons who came along.  It's lovely to be included in a group which is so clearly active in supporting local writers.

You may also like to check out my reviews of Annabel's two novels, Whisky Charlie Foxtrot  and A New Map of the Universe.  

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