Sunday, 23 June 2013

You Can Quote Me On It: Sunday June 23

I haven't done one of these in while--  I've been writing!  Let me just fill you in a little bit about my writing life lately.  If you like, you can skip reading most of it and just enjoy the quote, which I lovingly adopted from the Random House Facebook page on Friday.

This week, on Tuesday night I finished YET ANOTHER draft of The Compound- you know, that book that I have been harping on and off about forever.  I've been writing it since 2008 when the idea jumped into my head while I was listening to an album by the band Search/Rescue.  That album was also called The Compound, and at the time that I semi-planned the novel, it sort of made sense.  Now, it's relevance has faded to a very vague, overarching metaphor.  If, touch wood, the book ever gets published, I am sure that they will want to change it but for now, that is how I think of it.  Perhaps I always will.  Anyway!  Finishing that book this time, it really felt like I had done it.  Endings are not my strong suit, and I know that I have a tendency to get fed up with my stories and just rush out some sort of ending to them so that I can go on to the next idea.  This particular book has had several endings which are all variations on a theme, but now it finally has one that is exciting, and satisfying and makes sense.  I hope it's also well paced.

Early next week, that little book is going to be put in a big envelope and mailed to the other side of the country for a competition, so wish it Bon Voyage!

It's also been a great couple of weeks for reading!  See my recent reviews for more.

Last week I finished a five week course at UWA Extension called Nailing Your Novel.  It was taught by Natasha Lester and it was fantastic.  It really helped me understand the things that I wasn't getting about the process of novel writing and it was thanks to this course that I realised how I could make the opening to my book more interesting.  If you ever get a chance to do a course with Natasha, I recommend that you do!

Natasha also very kindly wrote a guest blog for me, and if you like perving on other people's bookshelves, I recommend that you click here.

I had visits at work from not one but two of my local literary idols this week- Annabel Smith and Dawn Barker dropped in to say hello!  (If you're reading this, Hi Ladies!)  I'm very lucky to have made such great connections.  If you haven't read Whisky, Charlie, Foxtrot or Fractured, why not click here?

Back to that quote:  I think I liked it mostly because it really draws on the way that when you're writing a novel, your life becomes the novel.  While the idea of bleeding all over a page is rather a gruesome/ scary one, I do like the idea that the novel is a part of you, and takes a part of you.  Sometimes, when I am writing, I get so caught up in it that for a moment I think my characters are real people and I could just log off writing about them and go and see them instead.  I don't write with my blood, but I think writing is in my blood all the same.

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  1. Thanks Emily! So glad the course was helpful. Sometimes I wonder if I'm just standing up there making no sense at all so It's great to know that it was useful to at least one person. And good luck with the book!


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