Winter Beach Musings

"I am sitting on the beach at sunset after work, watching the kite surfers emerge from the sea.  They guide their airborne wings towards the ground incrementally, then wait for them to either crash into the sand, or be plucked from the updraught by someone waiting.  The red ones are the brightest against the sunset, and there are many of them.  I could almost forget that these are tools, that there are people below them, using them.  But I can hear the people over the gushing of the waves, talking, their dogs barking, laughing, The wind is a scream in my ears.  It gets down my clothes.  I am cold, but don't want to admit it.  I always do that, go to do something whimsical and then abandon the idea once I get there.  Even if there's a logical reason on the surface, the real reason is usually that I hate not to share it.  What good is being whimsical and artistic if there is no one to witness it?  Thank goodness for Instagram."

(Copyright E. Paull 2013)


  1. Lovely. Such an idyllic way to spend a winter evening (despite the cold!) and you captured it so beautifully. :)


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