Goals for the New Year

I don't believe in New Year's Resolution anymore... someone very wise often says to me that if you have the intention to improve yourself, why wait until January 1 to begin?  And that's absolutely right, but one thing I believe very strongly in is setting goals.

So here are some I have set for 2014.

1. Read 110 books

2. Write every day

3. Enter 12 competitions/ submit to 12 journals

4. Finish up more products (i.e. make up)

5. Go to the gym at least once a week

What are your goals?  Will you help keep me accountable?


  1. My one goal for 2014 is to get out of bed every single day. And if I achieved this goal, the next goal is to be caring towards others, and if I can't be caring, to have the sense to crawl back into my bed.
    Thanks so much for your precious rambles Elimy. I do so love them. x


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