Book Limbo

As I write this, I am propped up in bed with the beginnings of a pretty nasty head cold, and a virulent case of book limbo.

You could call it post-project blues if you want, too.

Last Saturday, I finished the latest draft of my novel-length project, and I was ecstatic for all of about five minutes until I realised that I am completely un-confident in its readiness for the big wide world.  Actually, let me rephrase that.  I'm completely un-confident in my readiness for the big wide world.  But deadlines loom.  It's prize-entering season, with the deadline for the 2015 Vogel award racing towards me like a freight train and the deadline for the TAG Hungerford not far behind it.  I've got some other avenues open to me to, but connections are all well and good so long as the material is worth it's salt.  And maybe, just maybe, it's not.

Sheldon: Would you like some advice?
Leonard: Sure, why not.
Sheldon: Then now would be the perfect time to launch a blog with an interactive comments section.

I was reading an author bio in the back of a new book earlier this evening and thinking about the things that make author bios interesting.  Hardship.  Travel.  Juggling other careers with making time to write.  I don't really have these sorts of details in my life.  My author bio might read 'Elimy is a twenty something year old bookseller who spends all her free time reading and writing.'  If that's not a cure for insomnia, I don't know what is.  Also, please excuse my melancholia, it's the Book Limbo talking.

I've started making lists of pros and cons for various things I'm considering doing with the manuscript, and I'm pleased to say that the idea of binning or abandoning it hasn't crossed my mind.  It's going to go somewhere, I just don't know where yet.

Does anyone else get the post-project blues?

How do you deal with book limbo?

Here are some great articles I've been reading lately that inspire me to get out of this limbo and just get on with it.

Christine Piper on winning the Vogel

Natasha Lester on not giving in to the tiny voice that whispers you can't


  1. Thanks for another great post ,Emily. And congrats on getting your manuscript up to a stage where you can enter it in competitions. Now as to the tricky question of Book Limbo, I generally always have another project on the go,so that when I farewell a manuscript there's another waiting for my attention. Good luck for the Vogel & Tom Hungerford!


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