Easter is probably one of the most exciting holidays for me because it's a largely no-fuss affair at our house, none of the shops are open, and it's perfectly okay to consume your own body weight in chocolate.  HOORAY!

I won't be getting any extra days off from work this year, as I already get Friday through Sunday off anyway, but it will be nice to stay at home instead of running errands.  I'm planning on sinking my teeth into a few books as well as a few chocolate bunnies.

Long weekends have always signified reading binges to me...

On top of this, I am almost finished with the eighth draft of my book!  I'm starting to get a little antsy about it, because this is usually around about the time in a rewrite where I decide that I am no good at this, and I start planning my next draft.  I think I'm hiding behind these redrafts though, and when I am honest with myself, this draft is the strongest yet.  So it's off to a lovely friend for proof reading, and then time for the baby manuscript to go door knocking in the big wide world.  (I really should be working on it now, actually...)  For a brilliant post on the nasty voice of doubt, check out Natasha Lester's blog...

Would love to hear what you are all reading at the moment, or if you've read any of the books I'm reading, would love to hear your thoughts.  No spoilers please, particularly not for Storm of Swords.


  1. Thanks for another wonderful post Emily! And all the best with your baby manuscript which I'm sure is terrific, just that you've been working at it for such a long time now, and perhaps losing sense of it.
    This Easter, I'll be reading more of the great crime novel Children of the Revolution by Peter Robinson. A lovely lady at Bookcaffe recommended it to me. :)


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