Books I am Looking Forward to Reading in 2015

This week, the Perth Writers Festival program was launched, which for me, was like the Myer Christmas Catalogue being put out.

In previous years, heading along to the Writers Festival has represented various degrees of my involvement with the writing community.  The very first time that I went along, I was invited by a writing mentor of mine and her daughter, and we got on a bus to get there (which was also a new experience for me).  I thought it was amazing.  I had never known that such a thing as a writers festival existed.  It was like going to classes, but fun.  All that separated me from writers I loved and ones I would love was a few rows of chairs.  The next year (at least I think it was the next year), Craig Silvey was a guest, and I got my mum to drop me off for his session.  The room was long and flat and there were so many plastic chairs in the room that it was hard to move or see, but there he was, my favourite writer!  Afterwards, I stood in line for a long time to get my books signed, and my face went red and I blathered like an idiot.  And my friend Elisa laughed (but kindly.)

Fast forward to last year, when I planned out my writers festival as a weekend long event, where there was something for every session.  Me and my backpack full of books traipsed around UWA for three days and by the end of it I was full of ideas.

Last year's PWF yield...

Well, it's nearly that time again, which prompts me to write this list of the books I am keen to read in 2015.

Some of them are Writers Festival inspired, others have been recommended by other bloggers and book-tubers, and others are from last year but have sat on my shelf for a while.

1. The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon

If you haven't read The Bone Season, do.  It's urban fantasy of the Cassandra Clare style, with love (but not the couple you expect), danger, and clairvoyance.  Samantha Shannon has also kept an amazing blog about her journey to publication and it's a great resource for writers.

2. The Last Illusion by Porochista Khakpour

** Writers Festival Attendee**  Porochista Khakpour is an Iranian-American writer whose novel blends Iranian folk myth with one of the greatest tragedies of the last century-- September 11.  After reading an amazing review of this book in the Guardian's online books page, I can't wait to dive into this magical realist fable.

3. Almost Famous Women by Megan Mayhew Bergman

A book of short stories about women at the edge of history, this one was recommended by Jen Campbell, author of The Bookshop Book, on her youtube channel.  It sadly does not yet have an Australian publisher, to my knowledge.

4. The Anchoress by Robyn Cadwallader

**Perth Writers Festival**  I know nothing about this book except that the publisher's notes tell me it might be a little like Burial Rites, which I loved.

5. A Time of Secrets by Deborah Burrows

Deborah Burrows' is a local author whose novels about wartime in Western Australia have captivated my interest in the period.  I can't wait to see what she does with her research on intelligence gathering in Melbourne.  This one comes out early March!

6. The New and As Yet Untitled Kate Morton Book

Seriously, I would read Kate's shopping lists.  I wish I had written The Shifting Fog, because it is magical.

What books are you looking forward to in 2015?  Let me know in the comments, and I'll talk to you again soon.