The National Bookshop Day Bookshop Crawl 2015

Thanks to Lauren and Simon for accompanying me on this bookish odyssey!

Bookshops are an important part of every community.  They are a place where you can find a book to pique any interest, and answer questions that you didn't know you needed to ask.  They are places to escape, places to explore and places to experience.  They are magic.  They cure sadness and loneliness and sometimes even stomach aches!  (True story, I swear)

We didn't make it to all the amazing bookshops in Perth today, as there are only so many hours in a day and that would have been an expensive exercise, but here are some of the places we went.

STOP 1:  Beaufort Street Books, Mount Lawley

The staff at Beaufort Street Books are some of the most well-read in Perth, and they're also responsible for a heck of a lot of great events.  From author talks to movie nights to bookshop yoga and cooking book club, you'll find something fun to do on every visit.  You may even find cupcakes.

Just a rather complimentary paving stone we happened to find on our way to coffee!

STOP 2: Diabolik Books and Records

Perth's newest bookstore, Diabolik also sells cool gifts and an excellent selection of records.  Located in Mt Hawthorn, this store is worth a visit.

STOP 3:  Bookcaffe, Swanbourne  (Where I performed story-time in a mermaid tail)

With a full sized cafe, and a great range of cards and gifts, the Bookcaffe is rather a one-stop shop.  I'm biased, because I work here, but I think this place is a real gem.  It's somewhat out of the way... you're not going to stumble past it unless you're going there, but it's only a hop skip and jump away from Swanbourne train station which is really convenient.  Whether it's a browse or a chat you're after, you're always going to find something here.

 STOP 4: Collins Cottesloe

This wasn't on the original plan, but Simon wanted moooooore bookshops and how can I say no to that?  Collins Cottesloe has a lovely, calm atmosphere which is quiet and serene, and if you hunt around a little bit, you will find original artwork by the amazingly talented Anne, aka Flying Wolf Co.

This artwork is by Anne of Flying Wolf Co, and her website is here.

STOP 5: New Edition Bookshop, Fremantle

Fremantle wouldn't be Fremantle without a bookshop in it, so everyone was very relieved when New Edition was resurrected bigger and better in its brand new High Street location.  The shelves in this shop are packed to bursting and the eclectic mix of music sets the mood just right.  I was very impressed by the array of graphic novels and short story collections in particular, and even more impressed by the mad-recall skills of Alan, the store's owner, when he very nearly managed to find the book Simon was looking for just based on a vague description of where he'd seen it in the store.  The book he thought was the answer wasn't a winner but it was something Simon would have been interested in so I think he still gets points for that.  Alan also owns Crow Books in Victoria Park, one of my favourite Perth bookstores.  It was a pity I didn't get there today!

There are so many more great bookshops in Perth that I just didn't get to!  Shout outs must go to Northside books in Northbridge, Kaleido Books in the Perth train station, Oxford Street Books in Leederville, Crow Books in Vic Park, Subiaco Bookshop in Subiaco, The Well in Applecross and the Lane Bookshop in Claremont (where I tried to go but was prevented by parking chaos!)

Thanks to all of these shops for allowing me to take photos in their stores, and also for just existing in general.


  1. Hi, So nice to see so many bookstores still open in the suburbs. Thanks for taking the time to do the 'crawl'. I was going to go like you on FBook but I think your link (top left) might be broken.

  2. Thanks, Ian. I have fixed the link now. I didn't realise it wasn't leading to the page anymore.

    It is great that we still have so many bookshops!


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