Most Anticipated Reads of 2022

I do this every year. I sit down and I plan out my reading. I say, these are the books I'm excited about, these are the ones I will buy or borrow from the library and I will read them. And then, I see other books. Or I rediscover something from a previous year. Inevitably, there are always books that start off as 'most anticipateds' that end up as 'I'll get to you somedays.' But that's just reading life!

As I've been embarking on a sort of organisational crusade, trying to get my TBR under control for the last couple of years, I've really had to think hard about what books I bring into my house. Do I need to get it when it first comes out, or can I wait for the B-Format, or wait for the library holds queue? Will my excitement about this item be quelled by the mere fact of owning the book, instead of actually reading it? Do I need to read the items that everyone is talking about? Is Reese Witherspoon a reliable source of reading suggestions? (Surprisingly, or perhaps not, yes.)

So this list will be added to and edited over the course of 2022 as I read by whim, and follow my nose. If you want to purchase any of the items for yourself, or see what else I have added, that link will take you to Booktopia. 

But as of January 1 2022, here are the books I am excited to see in bookstores, on library shelves, and piled up on my nightstand. 


The Christie Affair - Nina de Gramont


Love and Other Puzzles - Kimberley Allsopp

If You're Happy - Fiona Robertson

Moonlight and the Pearler's Daughter - Lizzie Pook

Wild Dogs - Michael Trant


Dinner with the Schnabels - Toni Jordan

Booth - Karen Joy Fowler

Our Wives Under the Sea - Julia Armfield

The Diamond Eye - Kate Quinn

In the Margins - Elena Ferrante

The Winter Dress - Lauren Chater


Candy House - Jennifer Egan


The Silence of Water - Sharron Booth

Privilege - Guinevere Glasfurd

Slipping the Noose - Meg Caddy



The Reunion - Polly Phillips

The House of Fortune - Jessie Burton


Her Majesty's Royal Coven



Silverborn - Jessica Townsend