Tuesday, 25 November 2008


And so it begins... exams and school are over; new jobs are starting; new friendships will emerge; older ones might become a little less frequently acted upon. It's time to learn a few truths about life.

That, I believe, is fast becoming a discovery which I am making in relation to the writing of my novel. It seems to be evident that growing up, being the age of about 17, becomes about learning truths such as learning about balance. Of course, the theme of my book works with this but on a much more historical tangent.

I'm still researching my novel heavily, I've been told that this is a good idea, because of the subject matter of the segment on which I am about to begin work.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008


I can barely believe it myself!

I have been shortlisted in this year's Katharine Susannah Pritchard Young Writer's Award, and that feels pretty amazing. I don't know if I have won yet or not, of course, because all of that will be announced at the birthday celebrations for Katharine on Sunday December 7. I will not be attending, in case any of you crazed fans were wondering, and I'm terribly sorry to disappoint.

Actually, I lied there. I'm too pleased with myself to be sorry.

You see, when i first started this blog, I set myself a challenge... I was going to be a published Author by my twentieth birthday, and I have already been published in several minor ways since I made that goal (testement to the power of writing my goals down!).

A list of my publications is as follows:

* pieces in Inkfish, the anthologoy from Write-a-rama 2008 (January)
* a poem in Primo Lux
* a short story in the Mandurah Murray writer's group Scribblers book

And, on top of that, I have my third place in Scribblers, my KSP shortlisting, my Highly Commended in Tim Winton... all in all, I feel like it has been a productive year.

Next, I think I might tackle the TAG Hungerford award.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

"The Past is a Foreign Country"

Six down, two to go...exams that is. It feels extremely good to be this close to the freedom end of the year, and I'm finding a lot more time for writing as a consequence. To celebratethe end of the Lit exam, my friend Elisa joined me for some unneccessary journal splurging- the pair of us indulged something of a passion for empty notebooks to fill with our thoughts. Buying new ones, which I am eager to use, I have begun writing more religiously in the one i am currently up to- the seventh since i started keeping journals in 2005.

Strangely, the more writing i do; essays, journals, letters, the more i want to write my novel, and i have written some quality things in the past week, which i am sure makes up for last week's terrible entry- i truly am sorry for that effort!!

writing has led me to some avenues of questioning which i intend to pursue, for example:

How would an Australian who ended up in a POW camp in singapore during the second world war have known Japanese? That is, if he would have known it at all.

And, on that note, i will leave you to find an answer.

many best wishes and grammatical mistakes...EM

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


Can it be? Am I running out of things to say? I've been lying on the floor for a while now, not typing, just trying to think of something worth blogging about.

I suppose my third place is worth a mention- last week i received word that I had won third place in the Mandurah-Murray writing contest, which means technically I turned a profit of $30 in the form of gift voucher. I also get my work published in an anthology of the winner's work. That makes it three times in one year, but I could be more excited about that I suppose.

I haven't worked on my novel for a while, but I'm sending the first few chapters to a pen pal for critquing as soon as TEE is over. Bring on November 21!