Sunday, 23 January 2011

Elimy in Singapore

Well well well, look who it is. Fancy seeing you here.

What am I up to? Oh, you know, not much. I've been snoozing since we got in from our long flight. The bed's deceptively comfortable. I'm in one of those moods where if I lay down long enough my eyes might just happen to drift closed and the next think I know, it's hours later. Oops.

What else? Well currently, I'm sitting in a tenth storey bay window, watching traffic. There's a storm brewing. I'm trying not to think about how hungry/tired/sore I am.

Mum's just asked me when the latest time I have to post my parcel is. That's not a stupid metaphor. I actually have to fork out some cash and send a story all the way back to Australia in time for the 31st. It's going to be expensive, but worth it. I'm making a public promise to myself here and now. This year I will be the best that I can be and I will send my work anywhere that will take it. I plan to have at least two competition placings or magazine publications under my belt come December 31st. Metior does not count.

Also, I've been reading The Woman in White. It's fantastic. Wilkie Collins is very witty and his characterisation is amazing. I'm tearing through it.

But I am still being a very neglectful writer and this feels bad. I miss my laptop. I need to train myself to handwrite again. That is, after all, what my journals are for.

Hoping you are well. I will talk to you again soon, I hope.


Thursday, 13 January 2011

Sometimes I Feel Like I'm In Barcelona...

Or rather, sometimes I dream I am in Perth, and I wake up in Barcelona... surreal!

The architecture here is amazing, from Gaudi to Gothic.

I'm always up early so I get to see the sun rise...

and set!

And in between there is a lot of opportunity for taking amateur photographs!

But not a lot of time to write :(

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Our television is stuck on RAC105. Every day is like getting up early on a Sunday morning to watch Rage. Over here, they seem to love Justin Bieber's Smile, Bon Jovi's keep the faith, anything by Cher, Rhianna, Lady Gaga etc. What I wouldn't give to hear some Vampire Weekend!!!!!!

Anyway, the official clip for this song... sadly not the one I have been able to embed, but here is the link so you can have a look... reminded me of OkGo! Also, even though I have no idea what he is singing, the song seems very happy and I just liked it. One day, I hope I know enough Spanish (or Catalan... geez how bad is that, I don't even know what language it is!) to tell you all what he's singing about.

Have a lovely day, where ever you are :)

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Elimy in Barcelona-land

Where on Earth is Elimy?

Well, she's in Barcelona of course.

It's seven in the morning, but where I'm from it's about two pm. So naturally I have been awake for hours. Mr Jetlag wants to be my best friend. You should read my journal; if I publish that ever, it shall be titled Ramblings of an Exhausted Four Year old With a Crayon. I shall reread last night's entry later and cringe, for sure.

It's been a turbulent trip so far, and I am not just referring to the killer headwinds that we encountered on the thirteen hour flight from Singapore to Milan. Can you imagine being 19 and travelling in VERY close quarters with your entire family for nearly an entire day, trapped in a flying tin can that smells of pickled meat? Not pleasant, I can assure you. At least I managed to sleep a little on the plane.

The place that we are staying is a serviced apartment, and let me tell you that it is NOT what I expected. It is small, slightly stingy, the walls are thin and I can hear what our neighbours are up to at all times pretty much. Hooray. People fighting while I'm in the bath. Oh well, at least the bath tub is big...

Also, I've heard Justin Bieber's Smile about 4 million times since we arrived. Cannot escape the Bieb.

Anyway, I am determined to make this city my own. I am trying to pick up as much of the language as I can, and having a Catalan aunt and cousins really helps there. Yesterday we went to Park Guell, which is the Gaudi Park and it is AMAZING. The houses look kind of like gingerbread... It was designed by Antoni Gaudi for the rich and famous but bought by the council in 1922 and opened to the public. People like to take photos with the dragons on the great steps in the entrance to the park. And all through the park, people sell jewellery and knick knacks off blankets. There was music, and bubbles and bird whistles... you know, the annoying kind they have at the royal show!

Until next time, avid readers (and that is a joke, by the way)!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year's Resolution #1

You may find this hard to believe (or maybe you won't), but I have 70+ unread books in my room. I can't stop buying them. It's a bit of a problem.

Which brings me to resolution number one. I am implementing a ten to one rule... for every ten books I read, I may buy one more. Something tells me this is going to be a hard rule to enforce... I should get reading.

Haha how's this for irony... I was just listening to some lyrics that went "Life's temporary like New Year's resolutions." You said it Blink 182.