Sunday, 30 August 2009

Study Break

I just made a list of all the work that I have to do this week. There's been a bit of procrastination going on lately it seems. It's ok though because like I've said before, I work very well under pressure.

One of these assignments involves me getting ahead of the rest of my writing class by one exercise, as I have to do my oral presentation of a piece the week after next even though it needs to be on the piece I will be submitting for the next assignment, and we haven't begun work on that as a class yet. Oh well. I'm a self starter. I've had a bit of a read of the workshop exercise and it involves me writing about a memory that I have. Well. I don't have the most useful of memories, it seems, because I don't think I can recall a single thing worth writing about. I have, however, been writing bits of prose in my head before I drift off to sleep and jotting these down in a little notebook for later. I want to use them. Knowing me, I will. I guess I will have to think of some memory to use with them. Well. I think that I sort of have one of those, I suppose, but be warned, there will be more fiction than fact.

Then again, other than cyberspace, who's to know?

Tuesday, 18 August 2009


Lately I have been writing short fiction. Flash fiction, actually.

You see, I have enrolled in a first year creative writing unit at Murdoch, and part of the class is a weekly short piece. So far I've written three. Two of them, I really like.

One is not quite there yet.

But anyway, that's what I have been writing. I didn't stop. Just letting you know.

Monday, 3 August 2009

The New Deal

I am going to get a new perspective on this whole writer thing. I don't think it's healthy for me to be hating my finished manuscript so soon after finishing it. I guess I've decided that I am not finished. My opening line is boring. Nothing really happens. I do a lot of telling rather than showing. All in all, I could do better and so I plan to improve it.

But first I need distance. I won't be touching The Compound until the end of this semester, after I finish my Creative Writing unit. I'm going to be a mega-nerd in the unit, too, because I will secretly be working towards this. That's step one.

Step two is to find an agent. I've decided that it would be silly for me not to. It's really the only way that I can be guaranteed a fair chance of not ending up in the slush pile. Plus, that's the area I plan to work in after University if writing doesn't take off straight away. If I can't practice what I preach, I'm a hypocrite, right?

I guess the step after that is to start something new. I think I'll probably start researching it across this semester anyway because I already have an idea for it, and while I was reading for class today I read about how Helen Garner went about creating The Children's Bach. I have to say, she sounds like the coolest lady ever, and I want to try a little bit of her methodology on my own stories.

I recommend reading this interview with her, it was conducted by Kate Grenville and somebody else I think. Fascinating lady. I really want to read some more of her stuff.

By the way, I am back at university!


Just checked my email and there was a message from Arena Friday Pitch, finally getting back to me. Apparently my work has merit and it was stronger than many of the others that they have received, however they would not be seeking the rest of my manuscript. But who cares! I'm so jazzed! I have merit!!!

Everything is going so well!

I love exclamation points right now !!!!