Thursday, 10 September 2009

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Hey. Here's a quick update.

Got my first assignment back from Creative writing tutor yesterday. I did really well. Even though most of the paper was covered in red pen marks where she made suggestions for change, apparently she really liked it, and that just goes to show its not a good idea to let two perfectionists work together. Still I was super happy that she liked it because she's fast becoming the person I look up to most in terms of asking questions to do with writing.

Today I had a day off from Uni, so I worked on some entries forthe Julie Lewis Biennial Award which is run through the Peter Cowan Writer's Centre. I've prepared three entries for that, and all of them are variations on pieces I started as a result of the class that I am taking. (Do I know how to pick a class or what???) The worst part was, though, you have to use a pseudonym and I wanted to come up with some really cool, edgy, avant-garde ones but I was stumped. I've ended up using tribute names, for people Iknow and writers I like. It's like a mish mash sort of but you'd never know because they all seem like normal names. I won't tell you what they are because I might be tiny bit embarrassed by my lack of creativity.

Yeah so anyway with any luck I will remember to post that entry tomorrow. Actually, I might go and sort that out now. I need to organise the entry fee. Here's crossing my fingers to winning that $400 prize. Mmmm recognition....

Yeah so, ariverdi etc.

Friday, 4 September 2009


The temptation to edit is strong. I've only been back at uni about a month but I already feel like I am a better writer than I was before. I feel like it's no wonder I'm not published yet. I want to rip my manuscript apart and fix it but I'm not allowed to do that. It's against the Deal.

So tonight I tried to start a new freelance (ie not for class) story. But it sucked. It was pretentious.