Between the Sleepers

In this historical novel, a working-class artist must survive the Thai-Burma Railway if he wants to make it home to the woman he loves...

Winston Keller (17) has always been different. From his unusual name to his talent for drawing, he’s got a knack for attracting the wrong kind of attention. A working-class boy who grew up in Fremantle during the Great Depression, he’s grateful for his job in the Mills and Wares biscuit factory, and for the odd shift helping his father out at the local hotel pub. But he’s always felt that something was missing. When an old family friend of his father’s moves to town, bringing with him an obstinate and headstrong daughter, Winston’s life is turned upside down. Sarah Willis introduces Winston to a world outside the one he’s always known; a world of jazz music, ambition, and ultimately, war.

When Sarah’s father reveals a shocking secret about Winston’s family history, Winston must reconsider everything he thinks he knows about his father and himself. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is readying itself for war…

Set between the busy port of Fremantle as the war gears up, and a POW camp on the Thai Burma Railway, BETWEEN THE SLEEPERS is a historical novel with a love story at its heart. Perfect for fans of The Light Between Oceans by ML Steadman and Nine Days by Toni Jordan, its unique Western Australian setting makes BETWEEN THE SLEEPERS more than just another World War Two story.


  1. Malina Douglas4/11/2018 1:30 pm

    Hi Emily,
    It's inspiring to hear what you're working on these days. I love historical fiction too, and would especially like to read some historical fiction set in Fremantle because there's not much around. I'd be interested to read how you've integrated some of the romance and magic of Shifting Fog. Looking forward to hearing reading your work!


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